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Higher Guidance Services

The true purpose of an Ascension Guide is to give others the tools necessary to empower themselves. For them to be able to tap into and discern the quality of the highest Light potential that is available to them in the NOW. And to have the tools necessary to embody that Light at a physical level.

I serve the Galactic White Brotherhood, which is a group Consciousness of Angelic Beings who serve the Ascension Plan, bringing through completions across the Universe and wrapping loose fragments into the White Light vortex of Spirit.     

When you work at a personal level with me, often the missing pieces along your own journey of Self Mastery come together. It is at such moments we are filled with the knowing of how to cross the bridge, and step into the next vibrational level of Ascension. We work not just with healing and letting go of the old, as is popular in the New Age community. But with the refinement and fine-tuning of a Master in-the-becoming. 

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