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Are you ready for Ascension?

5th Dimensional Enlightenment happens in 5 steps

1. WISDOM OF YOUR BODY:  You start to discover your body has its own intelligence and innate healing system. It is completely in your hands no matter how beat it has become. You start learning its language and reverse disease, ageing and trauma.
2. EXPRESS FROM TRUTH: Truth is not about honesty. It is knowing your direction and purpose. It's about living in synchronicity and in direct communication with the Cosmos. Everything speaks to you and brings messages of purpose and direction! You are able to communicate clearly and authentically in the world.
3. ACTIVATE DIVINE MISSION:  You become a soul alchemist! Not only can you tap into your DNA including any past/parallel life and transform your reality, but you help heal others at a DNA level. You are a transmuter of energy in the world, a powerhouse! Your intuitive powers of Spiritual vision, hearing, sensing, feeling, fully come alive.
4. BECOME A VORTEX OF LIGHT: You start to channel knowledge from your Higher Self.. guidance for yourself and others. You become a channel for the White Light of Spirit, and as a vortex of light you bring into Purity and Integration, whatever you touch.
5. EMBODY INFINITE POTENTIAL: At this stage, your Higher Heart chakra opens up. You tap into your infinite creative potential. You create from your Soul powers. Life feels like the most beautiful harmony you've ever heard. You constantly live in this state. You embody the perfect balance of the Divine Feminine and Masculine. You attract Soulmates and your life becomes about serving Divine Love.

These are also the Modules in my course Embody the 5th Dimensional Vibration, which takes you into the embodiment of the best gift you will ever give yourself... Enlightenment. Not only is this reality possible for you, I take you through step by step processes into it.

For details of the online course, click here

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