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Ascended Mastery Training

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There is nothing I AM more interested in than working with those who truly want to go all the way in! That's why I AM now offering this set of 8 discounted personal sessions with me (60 mins each session), for those who are truly interested in speeding up their process of Ascension through personal coaching and counselling. We will be working with any concerns you may have, or simply see what is needed for your progress on the Enlightenment path. The focus of this program is remembering our inner White Flame and activating Galactic Service on the planet. The paragraphs below explain this further. 
This is intended as a two month period where we Skype/Zoom every week and work together in a very involved manner. Each session will be tailor made for your needs with before and after discussions of your concerns, and of our progress. There will be 'homework' or practical application exercises sent between sessions as well, so that the new light levels you activate and work on at a Spiritual or DNA level also become a resident state in your body and you live it in 'normal' everyday situations. 


This training program ensures lots of personal time with me, a certain level of focus and discipline to Ascension, an accountability and Spiritual routine that is set up for you, and is very specific and unique for your needs. 




I work with both the SHADOW aspect of Spirituality, which is the Inner Child healing process of going deep into any patterns from your deep past that need to be seen and released, as well the LIGHT aspect which involves your connection to your own I AM Presence (your inner Guru), attunement to and building a relationship to your Angelic Guides (your personal helpers along the Spiritual path) and access to your Multi-dimensional abilities, inner Genius, Creativity and insight into your unique Spiritual mission and contribution to the planet.

So that you can live as the New Earth Ascended Master that all Humans have the potential to be. How we do self mastery in every age is different and this program will cater to how Ascension is happening and activated on the New Earth. And the activation of your mission in service to the New Earth. You were not born here at this time by accident!  

Spirit shared with me recently that more on the Path are ready to receive the gift of the White Flame. This is the most core part of us through which we always exist as an Eternal spark in Source. When we truly Re-Member ourselves as it, we have access to both the very core blueprint like a seed or acorn is, as well as to all our multi-dimensional abilities, like the tree and the branches that come out of it! In this program, the main focus will be the Remembrance and attunement of Service to that level.    

In this New Golden Age, Earth is becoming the melting pot of various Star lineages. So New Ascended Masters are not just mastering the human body but also bringing through and living our gifts from Galactic levels. This is what I specialise in, and can help you with. No matter what your level on the Ascension Path, this program aims to help you accelerate it to the next level. 


Being involved regularly over a period of two months will help connect you to all those aspects within yourself, to the degree that you are ready and open. I hope to also be the encouraging Guide that helps you ease your way into fully Surrendering. So that during and long after our time together you are empowered to work with these parts of yourself on your own as well. 


This training is especially great if you know yourself to be on the path of Service and are ready to activate that to the highest degree. I believe Spirituality and Service in this New Aquarian Age is about more than just dedication to Spiritual practices that work for everyone like Yoga. It is about bringing through your UNIQUE and very SPECIFIC multi-dimensional gifts on the planet by activating the frequency of Service to Divine Will. Self Mastery cannot be forced, so if you feel in your heart you are ready to Surrender to Service beyond any self imposed limitations, then this training is for you!   


Click picture below to buy. 


8 session program, each session is 60 mins, plus much more!

Orders are through Paypal only at the moment. (Signups for Paypal are easy and free). 

After you order, don't forget to send me an email on using the contact form so I know where to contact you. After I receive an order you should hear back from me within a day. 


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