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Hi, my name is Shruti Vashist :) 

I was born in New Delhi, India on 9th October 1984. Since childhood my life took me to many different countries and I have lived for several years each in London, Kuwait, Hong Kong and Croatia. Not to mention several cities in India. I currently live and serve in San Francisco, California! 

Let me tell you a little bit about how Living our Ascension came to be. 

In 2012-14 my life changed completely! Those were the years I lived alone for the first time in a foreign country. And as if out of 'nowhere' I became very sensitive. My psychic senses just blew open. Suddenly I began to see auras and sense energy around me. My dreams were very vivid and reflected strongly all that was around me both lower and higher energies. Nothing I had felt and not fully acknowledged could be suppressed any longer. Suddenly, everything started coming to the surface, even things from decades ago I had forgotten about. 

When I would go out into nature, I could see the tree people moving and shifting. When I would go to work, I could feel everything everyone else was vibrating with. 
This was all very intense for me especially as I didn't believe in other realms before this. However, at the same time as the astral phenomenon, I was also being touched by the higher spiritual levels of Light. I knew the Angelic Beings and the Universe in general was communicating with me and guiding me through hints. There were overwhelming moments where I finally knew in my cells without even fully understanding or being able to explain why I had been born. I knew I had a 'special' or rather specific mission and that it had been activated NOW. 

From that moment onwards my experience of Time is not linear. I know we exist in many dimensions all at once. Gradually I began Consciously connecting with the Universe in meditation, through oracle card guidance and through Nature Flow. And my higher Spiritual qualities, especially a genuine connection to the Higher Self started to open up. 

Thereon, in 2o15, there were many things that led to the full activation of the Higher Heart chakra. Disappointment in relationships, confronting some childhood abuse, forgiving and accepting all connected with it, most especially myself, over and over again through going deep into my cells one day brought me into Higher Heart embodiment. 

The Higher Heart level of Ascension embodiment is connected to soulmate relationships and soul creativity. Around this time I found many all over the world who were connected part of my extended Soul family. As well as some who were direct or Primary Soul family. This was the beginning of a much lighter phase. One that I was proud I had activated through my own inner work and through choosing Love in the choices my physical life presented.

It was some time in 2015 that I began sharing about my experiences online with the world through Facebook. But it wasn't until late 2015 that I started a dedicated blog and gave it the name Living our Ascension. 

I continued to do inner work pretty much every day and every single time an uncomfortable feeling would pop up in the body, Just within a few months after the Higher Heart activation, around 26th July 2015, I stepped into a much higher level of Angelic Mastery which is the embodiment of the White Flame of Mother. There are very few words to classify or describe this merge. Except I AM THAT I AM. I AM.

No Birthday, wedding day or anything else of the world can compare to the feeling of this day when I married myself fully. And was returned to myself once more. No one in the world knew about this quiet celebration that I was brimming with. It was not needed. For I was finally completely full and empty at the same time. 

I began sharing all my experiences and guidance on the Ascension process through every day guidance and occasional youtube videos. Along the way many wonderful things have opened up for me. Always that which helps me to Serve the highest good. And where the Path was felt about deliberate effort before, is NOW about just being mySelf.

When a Being is able to Simply breathe life in and out each moment as themselves in the knowing that all that is needed aligns around them automatically in doing so, this is the highest Freedom and Service we can live in body. In all of my work, I Simply assist others to let go of all the layers they think they are. And to just submit themselves to the Self.   

My journey of assisting others with Ascension goes far beyond this single lifetime. Yet in this lifetime I have been helping others to attune to their own inner knowing and the embodiment of their I AM Presence. 

In my services, I AM a channel for Spirit. And work closely with the Great White Brotherhood, a group collective of Crystalline Light Beings serving the Creation Plan.
I also work closely with the Elohim, the Creation Angels who give birth to all life and seed its very first blueprints, as they receive the plan straight from Source. This is why much of my work is to assist others in bringing Awareness about their own specific Creation blueprints.   

The guidance that comes through in all my services are codes that will activate you at the DNA level, into your own inner knowing. Into the embodiment of your God-Self. Rather than encourage a dependence on always needing Spiritual teachers. 
I have quite a casual style in my sharing as I know that Self Mastery is about being Grounded and loving all the aspects that being in a physical body brings! 

If you are into astrology, I AM a Libra Sun, Aries Moon and Cancer Rising. My Venus is in Scorpio, so I naturally love all things related to the occult and am a deep lover of life, people and empowerment! 

My every day life involves spending time in Nature which is the best way to not only attune oneself to new Light influxes but fully integrate them in body. Being fully devoted to this allows me to ground this Light as a Crystallised Human in Service to the Crystalline Grid. I then bring through guidance about what is occurring at the Light levels and how we can best integrate them in the NOW. I truly feel and know that this is why a big part of my Purpose has involved living in different parts of the world my whole life. 

Feel free to browse around this site for free as well as commissioned Services in the menu bar on the top of this site. Feedback about anything you find on here is welcome! Please note that any feedback I receive may be shared for the promotion of my services. If you would like to leave a testimonial about a service you received or in general, please send me an email using the contact form below. This is always much appreciated. 

There is only Love, 

Shruti Vashist


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