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Starseed/Earth Angel
Codes Activation Session

If you have an inner knowing that you were born in this life to serve the creation of the New Earth, to be amongst the first to usher in the Golden Age, to live as an example of the new Galactic race of Humans, this session is for you. 

What will this session activate?

Knowledge & DNA Remembrance of your Soul lineage, Starseed roots or Earth Angel heritage. 

No matter your level of awareness, I help you remember and activate your
core Galactic codes, such as: 

What kind of a Soul were you born as through Source?

What is your NOW purpose in this incarnation?

Which guides wish to work with you NOW?
What Soul gifts do you possess? 

What Light Ray do you serve?

What does your Earth mission look like?

These sessions will take you on a journey into Source, into your Soul, into your mission NOW. And the best part is, you will channel this yourself, with my assistance.


How does it work? 

During our 45 min Skype session, we will call on your Ascension Team in Spirit. You will feel their presence. 

I will share any light codes pre-channeled for you, as well as do any spontaneous readings or channelings. Any cards, tools, messages will be shared with you. We will see what you are receiving on your own as well. This will be information about your Soul lineage, Starseed roots or Earth Angel heritage.

In the next step, we will tune into the heritage and purpose of your Soul and see what Soul Codes come to both you and I. We will activate these at a deep DNA level, working under the guidance of your Spirit Guides. 

After the session, you will receive a workbook with exercises to help you ground and embody the light codes you received during our session.

What Do You Need?


An open heart and an ability to sit in meditation for about 15 mins.



(This is a 1 x 45 min Skype session+Workbook)

Ready to activate your Star Purpose?


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