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Astrology Services

When you go to an astrologer, usually you would have to order different readings to cover all the different levels of looking at our connection with our Self and the people in our lives. As a Self Mastery Guide, I wanted to put together a HOLISTIC look at the Soul Mate or Twin Flame frequency using Ancient Vedic techniques that also brings through a lot about your own Higher Self or spiritual potential. You don't need to know any astrology, the findings will be presented simply.  Click the icons below to read more details about the readings I offer.

If you are single (or partnered) and wanting to look at what your astrology says about your default relationship patterns as well as Soul Mate potential, get the Soul Mate Astrology codes reading. It will bring Awareness into patterns you can work with to first become the best version of yourself so you can attract the right person, or present as little challenges as possible from your side with your partner. And in fact raise the vibration of all your connections so they can thrive in their highest potential. 

If you want to compare the charts of you and your partner to see what are the easy flowing as well as challenging default patterns as indicated by your charts and how to work with them, then order the Soul Mate Compatibility report which compares various levels like the physical, emotional, spiritual. 

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