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(4-6 page report, with an additional 10-20 min voice recording, depending on what comes through) 

In this very detailed report, I will compare two charts, that of you and your partner, or the one you are interested in. You don't need to know any astrology, the findings will be presented simply. 

There are different modalities of relationship compatibility in astrology. I use three of these, which cover the Western way of using inter-aspects, which show what parts of your physical life your partner will light up and in what way you impact each other. As well as whether there are similarities of connection and whether your physical and social natures match. The second method covers the same at a higher or spiritual level and speaks to whether and how your spiritual natures are compatible and what is the highest you can contribute in the world as you join together. Something that is grander than the two individuals and has a higher purpose than just the economic and physical level, as well as whether you and your partner correspond to your deepest fulfilment and calling in this life. The third method I compare with is more popular in India which is moon compatibility. The Moon shows what we need emotionally and is the most materialistic planet. This method is very powerful and uses not just planets but constellations. It can give amazing insights into everything from whether your physical, emotional to sexual natures are compatible. No relationship is perfect but this report will show you what level of harmony and discord you can expect in a default way. As well as some suggestions on how to work with those to make the relationship as Conscious and fulfilling as possible! 

I prefer to apply these ancient techniques to a Western chart or zodiac, using the whole sign system.

For this reading I will need the exact time of birth for both you and your partner, no approximations. There are no refunds on Living our Ascension, only exchanges where possible. So make sure you have the below information. 

I will need for both partner A and partner B: 
Their exact birth time (Format: 9.05 AM, 11.38PM)
Their birth place (city of birth etc)    
Their birth date (format: 15th August 1989) 

After you order, please send me an email with the birth information above so I can get to your report as quickly as possible. There may be some other information I need from you, for which I will contact you by email. In either case, once I receive your order, you should hear from me by email within 1 or max 2 days. You can also use the form below on this website to contact me.

Please pay using the Add to Cart option that takes you to paypal. 
(IMPORTANT: If the email you use everyday is not the same as the one you used to checkout and pay, please send me an email using the contact form on the website so I can email you back on there)

Clients in India, please send Rs 3,999 to the account details below. Then send me an image of proof of payment using the contact form at the bottom of the page. I'll reply to your email to confirm payment and to let you know how soon you can expect your report.

Account Details:
Name: Shruti Vashist
Bank Name: HDFC Bank
Account no: 50100298904740
IFSC Code: HDFC0000225


Soul Mate Compatibility Reading

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