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Higher Art Services

We were each birthed within Creation with a specific intent of how Creator wished to experience itself through us. You were not born randomly or by accident. You chose the specific light and essences through which you would course your way and explore Creation before you came into being. These qualities relate to your purpose within Creation and how the Divine Plan unfolds through you. 

When we activate a knowing of our higher Spiritual nature, we align with the highest potential of how we serve within the Divine Plan. This is very powerful and can activate a new level of embodiment on the path of coming into our Christ/Buddhahood. It can profoundly accelerate our Ascension process. 

Along the Ascension Path, the Soul merges with various levels of Self. This is why I offer two kinds of portraits: Soul Portrait and Cosmic-Self portrait. One is not more important than the other. They both offer glimpses into our Divine Purpose. If you are serious about Self Mastery, I would recommend first ordering the Soul Portrait, and then the Cosmic one as this is the Natural order we follow along the process of Soul Integration. Click on the pictures below to read about these services!

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