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This full package includes: 
* A Cosmic-Self portrait and writeup
* A Soul poem handwritten in a beautiful scroll, made in handmade paper
* A gemstone bracelet (all genders) made to capture your Cosmic frequency

Every Human on the planet was born with the ability to embody their highest potential as the living Christ or Buddha. When we embody this level, we live Ascended in our physical body. We serve within close connection to our inner Source and our instructions as well as actions for Service come only from this Divine Directive.

We become a Cosmic Being and serve not only this planet, but the whole Cosmos as the Son or Daughter of Source. We serve simply for the Love and Service of Creation. No longer needing or harbouring personal agendas. We know that our own highest fulfillment lies in what is best for the Divine Plan.
These portraits capture the frequency of how we serve at the Universal Christ level.
There are many different kinds of Souls within Creation, not only Humans. Some Souls came from other Universes and are in a Human body NOW to serve the evolution of this Universe. Where we have parallel-life heritage that relates to the Galactic levels, these may come through in this portrait as well.

This portrait goes beyond the I AM rays level and the Light codes that come through within the symbols, words and the colours bring Awareness of how we uniquely work with the Golden Christ/Buddha Light in utter service to all life. These packages are a potent activation into our Angelic nature and our potential to serve as the Angelic Human, in our full Mastery embodiment. Any Masters, Light Beings and Galactic lineages that relate to our service at this level may also make themselves known through this reading.

The messages that come through in this package will feel like a gift of Remembrance from The Holy Spirit. Many people I've written a poem for said that they cried with inner Remembrance when they received it. Soul Poetry is my specialty!

The gemstone bracelet
is a momento of your Cosmic frequency that you can wear on your person through the day.

To see some examples of packages I have made in the past with the poems and descriptions, visit my art blog here:


How to Pay: 

Please send Rs 7,500 to the account details below. 

Then send me an image of proof of payment using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Account Details:
Name: Shruti Vashist
Bank Name: HDFC Bank
Account no: 50100298904740
IFSC Code: HDFC0000225

Please pay using the buy now option that takes you to paypal. 



After you have already made the payment, kindly email me the address where I am to ship your portrait packages. This way, I will also get your best email where I can email you about the progress of your creations. You can use the Contact form at the bottom of this page.  


Cosmic-Self Portraits

  • The bracelets are made using beads, usually Czech glass, gemstone pieces and charms that correspond to the vibration of the person. 
    The poems are written in a beautiful thick scroll made from handmade paper 

  • Costs for shipping:
    Shipping free for India 
    $13 for all countries except India 

    Everything is always wrapped and packaged beautifully and with care.

    Processing time: 
    It can take from 10-14 days to make all your creations. However, most often I finish within 7-10 days. I will send you photos of your customised products with descriptions as soon as they are done, and before they are shipped. 

    Since these are Inspired by Spirit everything comes through in Divine Timing. However, the full packages are always given priority and I start creating soon after the order and ship asap. Once the order comes through we will be in touch via email and I will keep you in the loop as to the progress. 

    Shipping time: 
    Once your package has left from my end, I have no control over its handling. However below are the approximate times it usually takes to reach. 

    International regular: 2-4 weeks

    Expedited International: 1-2 weeks

    Please note some countries charge a small amount of tax, usually a few dollars for import, I AM not responsible for this. The amount at checkout only covers the price of product and the shipping. If you are concerned, you can always check about charges as per your country.   

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