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3 x 60 min sessions with me, plus more! 

(Conducted over Skype) 

Inner Child Healing is the crux of Self Mastery. When any person embarks on the journey of Self Mastery, a lot of what was suppressed all our lives comes up. Even though it feels vulnerable, this is the Perfect time to go in deep to transform the old into new DNA! I will be with you holding your hand through it within the space of Divine Love. These sessions go deep into our Cellular levels to revisit situations that we are still choosing to be stuck in. Be it unpleasant experiences from childhood we are still playing out in adult life, limiting patterns we are still choosing or any disease we are experiencing in the body. We go straight to the core and merge the vulnerable child in us who is still experiencing past timelines. We help it merge into the JOY of the NOW.

These sessions are the most in-depth timeline healing/wholling that I offer out of all my services. I AM truly passionate about this one as I feel deep inner work is often ignored for the more light-focussed practices. Sometimes we can neglect what we most need to face within Love. This is why this is a three session program commitment that you make to yourself and to me. You work closely with me as we monitor your progress between sessions and adapt the next one accordingly. My work is not just about meditations. And you should be walking away with a clear, Grounded knowing of what you need to choose in your physical life for your highest growth and empowerment. 

If you are truly devoted to Self Mastery and to following up these sessions with those small, Grounded, very do-able physical steps in your life, you should see potent changes.

Soon after I see your payment, I will be in touch with you to schedule our first of three sessions, which are usually conducted two to three weeks apart from each other. 

How to Order:

Please pay using the Add to Cart option that takes you to paypal. Once I see your email, I'll reply to you to (usually within 24 hours) with available time slots for the session. 

(IMPORTANT: If the email you use everyday is not the same as the one you used to checkout and pay, please send me an email using the contact form on the website so I can email you back on there)

Clients in India, please send Rs 9,000 to the account details below. Then send me an image of proof of payment using the contact form at the bottom of the page. I'll reply to your email to confirm payment and send you available time slots for our session.

Account Details:
Name: Shruti Vashist
Bank Name: HDFC Bank
Account no: 50100298904740

IFSC Code: HDFC0000225

Inner Child Work (3 Session) Program

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