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A 30 min voice recording. Channeled messages in audio format. 

This reading is for up to two questions you may have that you want Spirit guidance on. You will receive guidance on those, plus detailed information on whatever else your higher self and guides want you to know for your path. Something that you most need to hear and embody NOW to move into the next level of expansion, conveyed within Love! 


These messages always contain focussed Light Codes which trigger our Core and ground us in the Simplicity of our essence, if we so choose! 

These messages also convey where we are on our path of grounding our Higher Self. And what Spirit wants you to know most to trigger the deepest embodiment in the NOW. These Self Mastery codes when embraced can shift our vibration for months to come. When we act upon them, they also cause upgrades in a very physical and tangible way in our life. 

If there are any Light Beings that wish to work with you personally on your Ascension process and have a message, this may come through in this reading as well. If there are any guides that want to convey messages of soul lineage or starseed lineage, these may sometimes come through too.  

If you don't have any questions, or just have one, that is fine as well. In that case you will just receive more messages of direct guidance for your path from your guides which may feel like the precise things you needed to hear to move to the next level in your Ascension process.  


Follow the process on the website. 

The recording will be sent via email, along with any images of oracle cards or anything else I use. After you make your payment, don't forget to send me an email using the contact form on this website, with your questions. I will get back to you with what to expect as soon as I see the order, usually within a day. 

Channeled Self Mastery Messages

  • There are no returns or refunds on this site. Please read through the information carefully before purchasing. Should you need additional information, feel free to contact me using the contact form on the website.   

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